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Substrate Starter Kit enables anyone to quickly learn about pallets and their relationships (dependencies). The interaction with pallets and satisfying dependencies is maximally simplified, helping users explore and understand Substrate framework effortlessly.

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This kit focuses on using one of the key benefits of Substrate, its modularity and the option to use predeveloped components (called pallets) for creating a blockchain crafted to your specific needs.

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Pallets ensure that the new blockchain is built easier, faster and in a more robust way as many pallets have already been audited and used in many different blockchains.

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We brought simplicity of creating
a blockchain to another level.

Drag and drop pallets to a codebase, easily learn about pallets and dependencies, and have your customized blockchain deployed in a minute!

How it works?

There are a couple simple steps you need to take before you can have your custom blockchain deployed. But don’t worry, it’s very simple. Watch a video below to learn how to do it.

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If you prefer written form: Substrate Starter Kit Tutorial


For all those new to Substrate development, we've linked to the best free starter materials, videos, and tutorials to help you get started.

Developed by 3327 crew. Supported by the Web3 Foundation grant. 3327 is a web3 tech incubator created by MVP Workshop, blockchain R&D studio and one of the recommended Substrate Delivery Partners.

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